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Reasons Why Students Should Never Skip Writing Essays

When was the last time you actually did your essays and felt so excited about doing it? You can't remember, can you? Most likely you are one of the majority of students who hate writing essays and prefer to hire someone to write it for them.

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This contempt towards school writing projects is apparently normal for students. They hate writing because it steals a lot of their time, which they feel is for playing video games, watching movies, surfing the internet, or going out with friends. But writing is an important part of learning, that is why teachers always assign these projects no matter how much students complain about them.

No matter how boring or difficult essay writing is, you should always keep on writing your projects. You'll miss a lot of things if you don't work on it, or keep asking someone to do it for you. Here are the reasons why you should never skip writing your essays:

Writing Enhances Intelligence

You use three major brain functions- visual, motor, and cognitive ability- when you write essays. Because of this, your brain is pushed to work better than it usually does. Hence, it will be conditioned to process data faster and accurately. In addition, you'll also improve your memory and analytic ability whenever you research about the topics you write.

Writing Encourages Skills Improvement

Every time you write, you practice your communication, writing, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar skills. You also improve your organizational, reasoning, logical and researching skills. All of these skills are very helpful in preparing you to get better jobs, and become an effective employee in the future. You can also learn technical and computer skills whenever you research or type your work on a computer.

Writing Develops Students' Character

Academic writing projects also improve a student's characteristic. Aside from honing you to be patient, it will also mold you to become an honest, and persevering student. Essays are subjected to deadlines, so students can also learn time management, resourcefulness and planning skills in order to submit their work on time.

Writing Flourishes Creativity

Writing is an art because you let creativity guide you in constructing sentences into cohesive paragraphs. You apply writing style and forms to make sure that you create an interesting write-up about the topics given to you. Every time you write your academic papers, your creativity blooms and becomes better.

Writing Help Students Cope With Stress

Writing, particularly expressive writing, is known to help people cope with emotional difficulties such as stress, depression, and frustration. This is because people get to release their emotions by writing about them. Doing your writing projects, will help you express your thoughts and avoid stress. Students, who often get stressed out because of deadlines and expectations will find writing helpful in managing their emotional baggage about school, work, and even personal life.

Writing Promotes Happiness

When you don't feel stressed out, you will feel very light, happy and relaxed. Essay writing can make you feel happy by releasing all your negative thoughts into paper. In a study led by Nancy Morgan and published in the Oncologist, cancer patients who write their emotions before their treatment surprisingly felt better, mentally and physically, compared to those who did not. This makes writing therapeutic and helpful for students who are having emotional struggles.

Writing Boosts Confidence and Self-Understanding

Every time you write, you get a better understanding of what you like, and what type of person you are. It can be analyzed through the words you use, or how passive or active your writing style is. The moment you find out your strengths and accepted your weaknesses in writing, you'll be able to feel more comfortable with writing. This positive self discovery will also reflect on your confidence to socialize with other people.

Writing Help Students Land Jobs Easily

With the skills, intelligence, character and confidence you'll learn from writing academic papers, you will become competitive to land a good job after school. Students with such skills are considered as gems by employers because they always turn out to be efficient and effective workforce.

Writing may be difficult, but students can learn a lot of things from it. Every essay and paper may feel like a punishment for you but actually it is an opportunity to practice your writing ability, and learn new skills. Look at writing in a different perspective. The reasons above will remind you that writing your own essays is always for your own good.

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Lace Wanders is a writer, blogger and part-time educator. She has been teaching for several non-government organizations here and abroad, to teach unfortunate kids. Right now, she is working as a writer for bestessays, a writing organization.


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