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Ways to Manage Writer's Block When Working on Your Essays

Image Credit: It is typical for writers to be stuck in a limbo, where they can't find the perfect sentences to finish their essays.They call it writer's block because every writer reaches this phase. Yes, even famous authors like Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King , John Green, J.K Rowling and more, knows how perilous it is to let mental block affects their work. They have deadlines to meet and fans to satisfy, so it is not fitting to slack off and wait for muses to help write them again. Just like these famous writers, students have deadlines to meet and a teacher to satisfy. Submitting an essay late, won't give them anything good. So before your professor start yelling at you for not complying with his requirements, you better read through these tips, and learn how you can get a fighting chance against writer's block.

Is capital punishment justifiable? Discuss.

Image credit: Capital punishment is based upon the philosophy of “an eye for an eye”. As noted by one of the greatest political figure from India, Mahatma Gandhi “An eye for an eye ends up making the whole world blind”. Moreover, capital punishment is an inhumane act which is only meant to wreak vengeance. Killing a murderer is not a justice; in fact it is tantamount to committing a new crime. Although criminals cannot be forgiven for their heinous crimes, capital punishment is by no means justifiable.