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Ways to Manage Writer's Block When Working on Your Essays

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It is typical for writers to be stuck in a limbo, where they can't find the perfect sentences to finish their essays.They call it writer's block because every writer reaches this phase. Yes, even famous authors like Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King , John Green, J.K Rowling and more, knows how perilous it is to let mental block affects their work. They have deadlines to meet and fans to satisfy, so it is not fitting to slack off and wait for muses to help write them again.

Just like these famous writers, students have deadlines to meet and a teacher to satisfy. Submitting an essay late, won't give them anything good. So before your professor start yelling at you for not complying with his requirements, you better read through these tips, and learn how you can get a fighting chance against writer's block.

Write Whatever Comes to Mind

Read through your research and write down whatever comes into your mind. Speed writing is pretty helpful to extract fruitful ideas from your mind, without over analyzing them. Besides, you will be editing them afterwards, so you do not have to worry about it. What is important is that you know your essay's goal, and you understand your topic very well. Don't forget to edit your work, to make sure that there no inaccuracies, and also to improve coherence.

Take a Moment to Rest

All that thinking and analyzing will definitely tire your brain. That is probably the reason why it is starting to fail you. Take a rest from time to time, to avoid exhausting yourself. Some professionals follow the pomodoro technique where they take breaks every after 25 minutes of writing. Although some people think that frequent breaks make you unproductive, pomodoro technique suggests that constant breaks augment mental agility. If a 15 to 20 minute break is still not enough, it is probably time to sleep, and regain all your energy.

Step Away From the Computer

Working in front of the computer for hours can also make your eyes tired. It can also be the cause of why you can think properly. Step away from the computer for a while, and do something that can soothe your tired eyes. You can also look at something green to regain your energy. The color green suggests calmness, and it helps your brain to wash away strain caused by the computer screen. If things still don't work out, why not grab a pen and paper and write the conventional way. You'd probably feel more energized to write this way.

Eat Your Favorite Snack

Students tend to skip meals in order to finish their essays. Unfortunately, doing this can also make them unproductive. Hunger makes you weak and so your brain won't function well. This leads to writer's block and inability to analyze data. Always eat on time and healthy, to make sure that you have enough energy to write all day. Even small snacks such as biscuits, nuts or breads will be helpful to avoid mental block.

Do Some Free writing

If you've reached a dead end in your essay, stop what you are writing and do few mental exercises that will condition your mind. Free writing is a perfect example. Just write whatever you want to write, ignoring all writing rules. This exercise will help you tap into your writing style, and even your vocabulary to remove writer's block from your system.

Create a diagram

Using a diagram helps you manage writers block. It helps you organize information you need in your essay so that you won't veer away from your main topic. It can also guide you to keep your essays informative without making it look congested. You can choose to create an outline, a mind map, a Venn diagram or anything else, just make sure that it is designed for your topic.

Talk to People About Your Work

Lack of ideas is also another reason why students cannot smoothly write their essays. Most of the time, they have to take a break because they don't know what to write next. In such situation, sharing your article to your friends or family, can help you get an idea of how to continue it. A third person's point of view can help you look at your work, without a biased judgment.

Read Something

Reading is a less taxing activity to do whenever you feel fed up with your essays. Reading materials like books, magazines, and newspapers can help you flesh out ideas on how to write your essay. Your favorite author can even help you write by manifesting their writing style and using it to finish your work. It also helps to read a lot and absorb as much as possible vocabulary that you can incorporate with your article.

Essays and other school projects are really difficult to write, so whenever you are stuck in a writer's block, don't feel discouraged. Remember, even the best writers in the world, experiences this. Don't stop doing what you are doing and use these tips to help you work out your problem.

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Maddy Bertelsen is a marketing associate for edugeeksclub. Before becoming a corporate slave, she spent her days writing articles about education, technology, and blogging- which she totally love doing.


  1. when writing an essay , will i need to introduce paragraphs in my preamble or introduction ,like about 2 to 4 paragraph , then later start my details by giving out the information i need to answer ?

    1. That's not a good idea because it is something that needn't be said. For example, just imagine how the introduction would look like if you include things like:

      I am going to write this argumentative essay, in order to pass my examination. I am going to write 2-4 paragraphs in about 500 to 600 words. I am going to discuss for and against the topic by giving plenty of examples, facts, statistics, and using a nice language with apt use of ample vocabularies.


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