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Is anger good or bad in your opinion?

(Note: This opinion essay is not targeted for General Paper format although you can still benefit from it on reasoning and argumentation.)

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Right from my childhood I have heard of people criticizing anger just as they criticize other traits like pride, greed, lust, etc. People often have been using the argument "getting angry is bad" to shut up other people and to win them over in the arguments. However, I now have a changed perspective on this matter. I now see the virtue of not being angry a distant myth.

First reason, anger is called bad straightaway is because it has been called so since a long time ago. However, who on earth becomes angry for no reason at all? Has anyone thought about it? Be it his misunderstanding, but he has a reason to be angry and that reason is the evidence that anger is not bad. That cause is possibly bad but the effect is not necessarily bad. We can say that a person who gets angry in a trivial or senseless reason, has a bad temper and a bad habit of getting angry without a sensible cause. When someone becomes angry without knowing the full story, then also it is his personal behavioral problem. However, we cannot translate this insight to generalize that anger is bad.

When do you get angry? When someone belittles you; harms you; does injustice to you; takes unacceptable/unjustifiable benefits from you or your situation; irritates you; doesn't understand you; blames you when you are not the actual wrongdoer or guilty; and so on, right? Then, what’s wrong with anger? Not having anger is bad in this condition; because people will keep playing you down. They will keep on making fool out of you. Probably, anger is a self-defense mechanism our psyche has invented to defend us during such social encounters. It possibly has some purpose!

Being angry and letting out all the hard feelings will make people psychologically fit. People will have no depressive thoughts since they have fought back for their esteem and their genuine cause. They will have no remorse and depression just because someone played them down. For this reason, expression of anger could even be called necessary or important. Expressing anger will either bring out the problem to the surface or sort it and thus allow both parties to get over with their problems. They might go well again not repeating their mistakes or will not talk to each other forever. Anyway they will have get past the state of uncertainty, insecurity or ill-feelings.

In conclusion, I think we cannot classify anger as either good or bad. It is, in a way, a defensive mechanism built up in our psyche to defend ourselves when others belittle us. Therefore, we seek a fight back so that others will not try to do the same ever again. A physical fight isn't necessary; verbal defense will do the job in almost all the cases. In any way, anger is a natural process and it has some purpose. If it has some purpose, then it is a good thing and it indeed is in my opinion. Those who say anger is bad, in order to divert the discussion; get attention and build rapport of the illogical people; to win over the arguments probably haven't evaluated this virtue properly. Those who make immediate judgments by being brainwashed with such a fallacious argument probably haven't evaluated the cause properly. 


  1. Like seriously am a cool guy and most people know me even by my face ..but 1 thing is that whatever reason I get offended by people i.e anger. I let go and never I cud defend myself , well now I Knw beta ....I like the article is okay to succeed on Cambridge exam with these strategic points of view


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