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About Me

In Short

I am a blogger and hobbyist writer, and a former General Paper student of CIE with ‘B’ grade in GP. I completed my A Levels from Trinity International CollegeKathmandu in 2010 and my other subjects were Physics, Computing and Mathematics.


If you have any queries, suggestions and feedback about this site, you can contact me in several ways.
  • You can send me message using the Facebook Page of this site. This will be useful, if you are a regular user of Facebook.
  • You can reach me through FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.
  • Also you can contact me at my email address at

That's all about me for now! I will share more as I move along my blogging journey. :)


  1. it really seems helpful... I have my first paper GP on coming Tuesday and hope it will work out....praying for it.....

    1. same here :) Good luck for tomorrow :D

  2. trinity re wahh, have been using your website forever never realizing you were from nepal left alone trinity
    hahahaha i too am from trinity and its just shocking. youre guides are really helpful
    dheari dherai dhanyabad


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