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Discuss the arguments for and against vegetarianism.

CIE Comments

A definition that is adequate, (although – ‘defined as a diet …’ would have been preferable).

Introduces the religious objections to meat eating with clear explanation and example. But what is the basis for the statement made on the last sentence? – an over generalization.

The health risks of meat eating for those with coronary disease.

Scientific detail about protein, etc

The dangers of battery farming and cloning could have been extended.

More scientific information which could have been better placed with paragraph 4.

Presumably the pollution referred to here is from the smells and any burning of waste products by incineration.

Paragraph 8 and 9 could have been linked together as one paragraph.

Paragraphs 10 and 11 – equally linked.

A single sentence like this can have an impact.

A compromise conclusion, following a wealth of scientific information.

Conclusion from the above comments

This is very well written with no real errors of spelling or grammar. It deals with the scientific information in an articulate way.


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