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What are the advantages and disadvantages of banning smoking in public places?

CIE Comments

A straight forward introduction that firmly sets a context primarily associated with health.

Factually correct scientific information provided with a good deal of sophisticated vocabulary. Also a use of phraseology that makes the information immediately understandable, without lapsing into slang.

Introduces clear scientific understanding coupled with clear explanation.

The last part of the health/science issues.

The argument against smoking is strengthened with the social implications, particularly for youth. At this point it would have been useful to include a definition of 'public places' to qualify the last sentence.

The economic considerations rightly identify the costs to the health budget. But it would have been a suitable point to include as a disadvantage that the Government would lose valuable revenue - tax, etc., and unemployment is unlikely.

Civil liberty is addressed. It could have been followed up with a consideration of the 'nanny state' perhaps. But the candidate weighs up the costs of such a civil liberty infringement and concludes that the rights of so few cannot be allowed to rule over the majority.

A weaker conclusion than the essay merits. Some minor points could have been brought in - the smells, litter and also the way of enforcing a ban. Equally some examples of countries banning smoking would have been pertinent.

Conclusion from the above comments

This is a well informed essay that is aided by concise scientific language and mature assessment of that information. The vocabulary beyond the scientific is also sophisticated.

Although it appears that there is a lot of time spent on the health issue, there is a balance here. Various opportunities to expand points and include a definition have been missed. A more substantial conclusion would have been preferable to what is otherwise a thoughtful and objectively written essay.


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