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Would it be advantageous if all the people throughout the world could speak one common language?

CIE Comments

The introductory paragraph provides a divine background. A clear, historical background makes for a cogent introduction.

The paragraph gives the benefits in a succinct manner, without giving the impression of a list which would have been all too easy.

Development of some of the points from the previous paragraph occurs with an expansion towards cultural benefits.

This is the key paragraph in terms of expression and eloquence. What a shame that the quotation could not be attributed. The long term political implications in the last sentence could have been developed perhaps offering a less developed country where education is poor.

It would have been easy for this question to suggest to candidates that English was the common language by implication. This candidate avoids that potential trap, yet uses English in Canada/USA to compare with the UK.

A disappointing conclusion. The essay merited a more expansive conclusion than the one offered.

Conclusion from the above comments

The overall use of language is sophisticated and mature.

The tone of the essay disguises the fact that there could have been a little more development on the political effects. However, the essay does provide a balance of both sides of the argument.

Points which could have been included to widen the scope of the answer include an improvement in the case of travel, the loss of dialect and a loss of jobs as translators.

Surely the conclusion could have made more of the individual nature of language and its importance in cultural terms.


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